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The RAZ-IR infrared camera product line has been used as the thermal imager of choice by thousands of consumers worldwide.

The RAZ-IR is one of the most versatile thermal imager systems in the world. The following is a small sample of some of our most satisfied customers. For a detailed list of organizations using the RAZ-IR models for your infrared applications contact Jim Santana Today! 702-369-3966 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Company: Henning Roth, Tampa, FL
Application: Thermography

 After getting familiar with the RAZIR infrared camera I purchased from Your company, I want to give you some feedback on the use of this camera. As you know I have been using FLIR cameras such as the ThermaCam E4 And the InfraCAM SD and the RAZIR camera is a strong competitor to FLIR products. I am very pleased with the small form factor and like the Flip screen very much. The ease of use and the features are better than Anything that I found in FLIR cameras before. The resolution and sensitivity Of the RAZIR is superior to the FLIR cameras I own and the build in visual Camera makes the RAZIR the camera of my choice. The included IR Report Software is also a serious tool to generate professional reports and is much More useful than the FLIR Quick Report software, included with all FLIR Cameras. I certainly give this camera 5 out of 5 stars and can only recommend It to anyone that is looking for an affordable, high quality IR camera. 

Henning Roth.

Company: Automation Electronics, Chatsworth, CA
Application: Scanning Electrical Panels

 We purchased the RazIR PRO Infrared Camera for our Predictive Maintenance program here at our 100,00 Sq facility, mostly we are scanning electrical panels, and ocassional motors/switch gear, the Razir pro has a visual camera and voice annotation for easy identification, this was a must have in our search for a good IR camera, most of them were well over ten thousand for the on board visual imager and voice comment feature, SPI has also spent quite a bit of time with our techs on the phone to get the report software up and running. They did try to sell us the telephoto lens attachment, however there was no need for that since the furthest distance of our _object_ may be a buss duct up high about 50 feet, this camera has a 2x zoom as well. The report software is nice and simple, just they way we like it! 

Thanks Guys
Chris A.

Company: Quantum Electronics
Application: PCB Imaging

 I can't believe how great this thing is! The infrared image is amazing. We love the ability to record thermal video! ! 

Thank You
William Everest

Company: NASA Ames Research Center
Application: Education / Demonstration

 I am the Education and Public Outreach coordinator for the SOFIA program here at NASA Ames. Since our airborne observatory does infrared observations we use the Raz-IR Nano to demonstrate the different characteristics infrared has vs. optical. It’s the perfect little tool with big expectations. I use the Nano for presentations in the classrooms, conferences, trade-shows, air shows, etc. and was always able to project it on all media, e.g. TV, big screen, computer. The elementary students really get a kick out of seeing themselves in a whole different spectrum. We use a few demonstrations from painting their faces with ice cubes to hiding our hands in a black garbage bag. My favorite feature the Nano has that I haven’t found in an IR camera is the option to overlap an IR image on an optical image at the same time. This little Nano has really become more useful than I ever intended. 

NASA Ames Research Center
Mail Stop N211-3 (Bldg 211, RM 219)
Moffett Field, CA 94035

Company : eProvided Data Recovery Founder
Application : PCB Board Recovery

 I bought a RAZ-IR (SX) for our PCB boards recoveries, USB data recovery and memory card recovery services to look for warm and overheating components, and we are quite happy with it, the price was just right. We were looking at models well over $15k that offer the same real time analysis to PC. This Raz IR has worked well for looking at PCB's boards and small electronics. The best part is they don't charge extra for the Real Time video Cable to the PC for IR data analysis!

We did have a problem at first, in which we were very unhappy about. There is no tripod mount on this Raz IR MINI, however SPI was kind enough to help us out with the problem, about 1 week later they shipped us this wonderful case with a tripod hole on it. Our company is actually the reason why SPI made the case cover with the nice tripod hole, now you can face it down on the boards with a small tripod, it has a standard TRIPOD hole on the bottom for any tripod or lab environment.

Really nothing can match the ease of use and details this device provides for our data recovery clients, and this company (SPI) is top notch, knows their products amazingly well and they have been in business for years now; they were highly recommended to begin with.

Thanks again SPI! - I'll be back soon! 

Bruce C.

Company : Universities Space Research Association
Application : Education and Display

 Dear Jim, I sent this to Mike when I received the Nano. I also told the NASA-WISE mission, the same thing and when they purchased one they loved it as well. I just wanted to let you know that I received the IR camera/Nano an hour ago and I can’t put it down. I love it sooo much! The raptor we purchased last year was great because it met all of our expectations; small (major importance), cheap, but the Nano meets more than our expectations. There are so many features I have discovered in an hour that make it so much better than the raptor. The wider screen, the visible display with an overlapping infrared display, etc. I can’t wait to see what else I’ll discover. But if you want a new line, how about: Here at NASA Ames I’ve worked with 4 different IR cameras, the NANO

M., Darlene (ARC-PX)[Universities Space Research Association (USRA) : NASA


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